Updating git in Mac OS X Lion

I’m about to start a new Rails project. But before diving in and start coding I decided to check the tools I have installed and I noticed git is slightly outdated so I decided to install a more up-to-date version.

Book Review - The Productive Programmer

Yesterday, I finished reading Neal Ford’s, The Productive Programmer (Theory in Practice (O’Reilly)), a very good book that kind of summarizes some of the software engineering ideas that have been around lately. The book is a divided in two parts with different types of content, you can almost say that it is two books put together.

Ship Your Side Project

On my daily reading of Hacker News>, I came across the article Importance of Side Projects which points out the benefits of working on a side project of your own. It was a very interesting reading to me as I’ve been working on side projects for over a year.

Technical Debt Warning

Currently, my daily job involves software development in IBM mainframes in the insurance industry but, in my spare time, I’m dedicated to web development as a Ruby and Rails enthusiats. The difference between the methodologies used in the more modern web oriented industry and the old school COBOL environment are huge.Thus, from time to time, I try to bring some of the better, more modern, software development practices to my daily job and as part of the editorial board of my company’s IT Department newsletter, I had the opportunity to include the following article to the last month’s edition. Enjoy!