About Me


My name is Cicero Oliveira, I am a Programmer and this is where I share some of my thoughts.

I will be writing about programming, tips, tricks, techniques, random thoughts, books I read and things I find interesting. I might be doing it the wrong way here because I am not putting my energy into creating some kind of niche content, at least not yet.

Like me, lots of programmers are interested in topics that have little to do with programming like cooking, Psychology, or how to calculate the right proportion of cake and icing to bake the perfect cupcake.

So, I might be hurting my changes with google by not following some SEO golden rules, but I am more interested in creating good and interesting content. Having said that, if you are here and like what you see maybe you should consider yourself lucky by following that link that end up in some obscure page.

##.about me

I am currently living and working in Toronto. At the moment, my mental efforts are being dedicated to RSA one of the largest, oldest insurance companies in the world.

I like to believe that I am an agnostic programmer that’s why I wasn’t more specific in the previous paragraph. I start out as an IBM mainframe developer (COBOL, CICS, DB2 and JCL mostly), but currently I am working developing for the web at work I deal with Java, in my spare time I try to learn, get familiar and get comfortable with many languages and techniques mostly Ruby and Rails which I love and admire for their simplicity and power but let me make a list (we all like lists).

Things I’m interested in, might be good at or want to be good, at in no particular order:

  • Ruby (including JRuby) and Rails;
  • Web Design (including HTML5 and CSS3);
  • JavaScript (I want to learn it properly instead of relying on jQuery);
  • CoffeeScript;
  • Agile Development;
  • Scala and Groovy;
  • Erlang.

I read a lot: technical books as well as fiction. I am usually working my way through a few books at a time.

I write a lot, a lot of code, some short stories (for my own amusement). I wrote a book which I still have to review and I’ll probably self publish.