Rails in the Cloud

I’ve just finished the stickies application introduced by Harri Kauhanen, from Futurice, during his presentation entitled The future is here-Rails and the cloud ecosystem. It is a simple page with sticky notes and he developed it, in less than one hour, to show how to design an entire application by making use of a few cloud services.

The main idea of the presentation is that, by using cloud services instead of setting up your own production environment, you are free to focus on creating the application without being concerned with maintaining the production environment.

The application was built using Rails 3 and MongoDB.

Here are the cloud services used in this project:

Heroku - The application was deployed to Heroku. It follows a git workflow and has a rubygem which makes it really easy to deploy, just follow the simple steps presented on their home page. It is free for basic services, which is enough for you to test your application online.

MongoHQ - A cloud-based, Mongo DB host service. It was easily setup as the production database through an addon (MongoHQ free) provided by Heroku.

Google Font API - The handwritten font type used in the stickies is Reenie Beanie, provided by Google Font and it is incredibly easy to setup and help in giving a unique feel to the stickies.

Pusher - This real-time client push service was used to allow instantaneous updated to the stickies. You can see in real-time whenever someone else creates or update a sticky.

BrowserMob - It was used for performance testing. (Load testing to measure capacity and breaking point; monitoring jobs to track response time.) After adding a prime numbers calculation to the stickies project code, to slow it down, BrowserMob was used for testing it.

Check Harri’s end result in: (http://futu-stickies.heroku.com/).