Team Space - Breaking the Physical Barrier

Some new software development methodologies, like Extreme Programming (XP), have amongst their suggested practices a common room where a team, working in the same project, sits together.Having developers, business analysts, project managers, testers and all other stakeholders sitting together increases communication effectiveness and help in keeping all team members up-to-date when it comes to the project at hand.


In his autobiography, Gabriel García Márquez give us a tip: “If you believe you can survive without writing, don’t write.”

Rails in the Cloud

I’ve just finished the stickies application introduced by Harri Kauhanen, from Futurice, during his presentation entitled The future is here-Rails and the cloud ecosystem. It is a simple page with sticky notes and he developed it, in less than one hour, to show how to design an entire application by making use of a few cloud services.

Organize your .css files

If you like to organize your CSS rules by what elements they affect, the following template mught be a good idea. Whenever you want to find a section just look for its name preceded by two dashes.